Wolf launches R290 residential heat pump


Wolf GmbH, a Bavarian manufacturer of heating and air handling systems, launched its first propane (R290) heat pump this week at ISH – the Bathroom Experience, Building, Energy, Air-conditioning Technology, and Renewable Energies tradeshow – in Frankfurt, Germany.

“First we [will starting] selling [it] in Germany, then other [European] markets,” Simon Reddig, responsible for training at Wolf, told hydrocarbons21.com at the trade show, held 11-15 March. “This one comes in a range from 2 to 10 kW.”

The COP of the unit is 4.65 using a maximum charge of 3.4 kg of R290.

It is a Monoblock air-to-water split system, where the heater is installed inside the house and the heat pump system is installed outside.

Reddig assures that “the system is silent,” at less than 35 dB (A), so it will not disturb neighbours or residents.

The primary driver for Wolf to manufacture the unit is the EU’s F-Gas Regulation, which has been increasing prices of HFCs throughout the European Union (see here). “We have to change [and] in future all our units will use [non-HFC] refrigerants,” Reddig said.

He added, “We are so far not sure which [will be the final refrigerant].