DSI Freezing Solutions has opened a Russian subsidiary and entered into a Korea joint venture


Continuing its international growth, Denmark-headquartered DSI Freezing Solutions A/S has opened a subsidiary in Russia and entered into a joint venture with Korean firm NPRT.

The head office of the new Russian subsidiary – which is called OOO DSI Freezing Solutions – is in Moscow. The subsidiary serves customers from a base in the Belgorod region.

“Our aim is to provide present and future Russian customers and suppliers with better and faster service,” said Lars Priess, CEO, DSI Freezing Solutions A/S. “We want to increase our understanding of key customer application areas as well as enhanced global customer proximity,” he said.

DSI makes manually operated and automatic plate freezers for ammonia and CO 2-based applications in the food processing industry.

To further support the Russian market, DSI has entered into a formal venture with NPRT, its long-term business partner in Korea, creating a new corporation called DSI Freezing Solutions LLC.

The new entity will serve the large fishing industry centred in Kamchatka, Shakalin and Vladivostok, as well as customers in Korea.

“We wish to be close to our customers to ensure the quality solutions and support we are known for,” said Priess.

NPRT supplies and installs refrigeration and freezing technologies to customers in Korea and the surrounding region, both onshore and offshore.

“Russia has been a key market for us in many years. Being present in Russia and Korea allows us to provide the quality solutions we always strive to deliver – and to ensure better and much faster service in the region,” said Priess.