Webinar identifies 5 types of refrigerant leak


Leak detection company Bacharach has created an on-demand webinar explaining different types of refrigerant leak and how to deal with them.

In addition to complying with leakage regulations, the importance of detecting, notifying and fixing refrigerant leaks as swiftly as possible is vital to reducing operating costs and improving equipment performance.

Through its Parasense refrigerant management solution platform, Bacharach has access to over 2.8 billion refrigerant leak records. This has enabled them to identify five of the most common refrigerant leak types. These are described in a new on-demand webinar on the company’s website.

he webinar’s presenter Jason Ayres, Parasense application support engineer explained: “Each of the refrigerant leak types that we’ve identified have their own behaviours and characteristics and it’s important that we share this information so they can be identified and fixed as early as possible.

“Leaks sometimes come and go depending on the refrigeration operating conditions, making them very difficult and very time consuming to track down,” he added.

Access the free-to-view webinar here https://blog.mybacharach.com/webinars/refrigerant-leak-events/?utm_source=trade-press&utm_medium=CoolingPost&utm_campaign=Webinar-Leak-Event