ECO3 SERIES, from Tecnofreddo, which is an ammonia unit for indoor installation


Tecnofreddo, with over 25 years of experience in commercial and industrial refrigeration engineering, has now installed over 75 low-charge ammonia systems in Europe, according to Manuela Rallo, sales area manager at Italian manufacturer Tecnofreddo.

The charge of these units is around 50 kg of ammonia in 600 kW of capacity (a ratio of 12 kW to 1 kg of ammonia charge). “It’s not a big deal for us,” said Rallo at Refrigera 2019 in Piacenza, Italy. “We have done so many [low-charge ammonia] units.”

Most of Tecnofreddo’s installations have been in the industrial refrigeration or process-cooling sector, particularly in Italy, which restricts the amount of ammonia allowed in a system.

In Europe, “we have [also] been installing ammonia chillers [as reversible] heat pumps.” she added.

These installations include HVAC too. For example in Norway, the manufacturer recently installed an ammonia chiller at a medical centre for heating and cooling the building.

Rallo cited Norwegian tax discounts for natural refrigerants as playing an important role in growing the market.