Danfoss: Smartphone app to test solenoid valves


Danfoss has developed a smartphone app for detecting faulty solenoid valve coils.

Ensuring that the solenoid valve coil is working properly, or detecting a faulty one, is an important step in any repair or installation project. Up until now, engineers have had to rely on a variety of different methods and tools for that step, including a popular magnetic field-detecting keyring.

The new Magnetic Tool app, part of the Danfoss CoolApps Toolbox, is said to make testing a solenoid valve coil quick and easy.

As well as being more convenient, it’s also said to be more precise. The Magnetic Tool app provides information about the magnetic field of an AC or DC coil in a solenoid valve. It can also indicate the rotation direction of certain types of motors and pumps, helping you determine the correct way to install them in a system.

Magnetic Tool also allows you to take a video or picture of the faulty component, so you can document your repair procedure and share it with your customer.

It is available globally on the iTunes App Store. An Android version is planned for development.