How to increase cooling capacity and efficiency in your CO2 refrigeration system

BITZER has developed a component that boosts efficiency specifically for supermarkets and logistics specialists in the form of the EXPANDER: at an ambient temperature of 32°C, it increases a standard booster system’s cooling capacity at the design point by more than 20 percent. In seasonal terms, for example, energy savings of up to 17 per cent are possible in a parallel system in warm climates. A single-component retrofit can thus increase cooling capacity for transcritical CO2 systems. Installation is quite simple and there’s no need to redesign the refrigeration system, which can be a complex process.

Reduced system complexity: Thanks to the EXPANDER unit, CO2 can now also be used more efficiently in hot climates. The new BITZER development is suitable for both retrofitting existing systems and designing new ones. Combined with BITZER ECOLINE+ reciprocating compressors, for instance, the EXPANDER unit represents a premium solution for outstanding eco-efficiency and optimised energy efficiency for transcritical CO2 systems. The EXPANDER unit works much like classic external subcoolers. The internal subcooling unit comprises a control valve, a heat exchanger and the heart of the system: an expander-compressor unit. The EXPANDER unit relaxes the primary mass flow, whilst the energy generated in the same unit compresses the subcooler mass flow and feeds it back before the gas cooler – without any additional electrical energy. Thanks to the compact dimensions and simple mounting behind the gas cooler, the unit can be easily and affordably integrated into many different CO2 systems.

An important partner in the development of the BITZER EXPANDER unit is ALDI S»UD. The well-known food retailer already boasts climate-neutral operations and is always making every effort to improve its carbon footprint, which is why the discount supermarket will be testing the first subcooling units in its chain stores. Already today ALDI S»UD is increasingly using refrigeration systems with BITZER reciprocating compressors for transcritical CO2 applications, exploiting many options for energy savings.

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